New drivers or those with little experience usually need a series lessons to reach test standard, with around 20-25 the average number. This average is well below the recommended number of lessons the DVA suggest on their website.

There are exceptions of course, but remember to consider there are 4 manoeuvres and an emergency stop to learn, as well as generally driving to a high standard and familiarisation of test routes including the Independent Driving sections.This does take more a than a few hours! The emphasis is on learning techniques to see drivers through a lifetime of safe driving.  

My prices are as follows:

Single lessons are £27

A block of 5 lessons is £130 (£26 each)

A block of 10 lessons is £250 (£25 each)

To get the best value book a block of 10 lessons and all further lessons will be the same price, i.e. £25

On the day of the test there is a fee of £100 which includes a pre test lesson and use of the car for the test.

I offer my pupils incentives if i get new business from their recommendations.   

Gift Vouchers for Lessons are available.

You choose how quickly you want to learn and I'll do my best to accommodate.